UAE Shoppers Crave Euro, American Luxury Brands

UAE Shoppers Crave Euro, American Luxury Brands

Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, and Gucci are the most popular luxury brands among United Arab Emirates shoppers, according to Nielsen survey results released Monday.

Three out of five UAE consumers have shopped at Calvin Klein and Christian Dior, while one in three have shopped at Gucci, Nielsen reported. 

Globally, UAE shoppers ranked as the second biggest purchasers of Gucci (31%) and Chanel (21%), and third in terms of purchases of Giorgio Armani (19%). 

If money were no object, UAE survey respondents named Chanel and Louis Vuitton as the most coveted luxury brands.

Overall, one in three (31%) UAE consumers said they currently buy designer brands.  Of those, 43% said they believe designer brands are significantly higher quality than standard products, while three in five (59%) said they wear designer brands to project social status.

“Unlike most countries in Nielsen’s Global Luxury Brands survey, which chose two or three luxury brands as their clear favorites, UAE consumers stood out for their purchasing habits of several high-end fashion brands,” Piyush Mathur, regional managing director of UAE, North Africa and Pakistan, Nielsen, noted.  “The  rapid economic growth and new wealth of this country is demonstrated by  consumers’ insatiable appetite for luxury designer brands.  The luxury  brand has become an integral part of UAE lifestyle.”

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