Australian Web Use Rising Thanks To News Sites

Australian Web Use Rising Thanks To News Sites

Surfing is big in Australia — but it’s not limited to the waves.  The online audience there continued to show steady growth in 2008, increasing 3.8 percent from 2007, according to Nielsen.  However, it is clear that the growth has started to slow as that country approaches saturation coverage.  Demographically, audience growth was strongest among those 65 years and older — almost 26 percent.  Females now outnumbered males in the online population (50.19 vs. 49.81) although the average male still uses the Internet more often and for a longer period each time.

Continuing a trend seen in the U.S. and South Africa, the top web sites in terms of average daily unique browser growth were online newspapers:

Top Sites 2007 2008 Avg. Daily

UB Growth

ninemsn Home Page Not tracked 1,127,769 N/A
National Nine News 307,349 426,922 38.9
Sydney Morning Herald 306,101 374,532 22.4 228,377 258,493 13.2 – News 190,485 249,437 30.9
The Age 200,051 239,149 19.5 Not tracked 196,111 N/A 132,284 189,828 43.5
The Fix 126,486 176,594 39.6 135,934 167,170 23.0
Source: Nielsen Online Market Intelligence,

domestic traffic for audited sites, Australia December 2007 and December 2008