Australians Recall One-Third of Online Ads

Australians Recall One-Third of Online Ads

How often do you notice the ads that appear on your favorite web sites?  If you’re the typical Australian, chances are good that you do: one-third of Australian consumers exposed to an online ad are able to recall that ad when asked, and 41 percent are able to link the correct brand to an un-branded advertisement, according to new online advertising effectiveness benchmarks released by The Nielsen Company. 

Developed over three years and based on more than 100,000 Australian respondents, the research also yielded the following:

  • Intention to purchase or use products or services increased by 4.9 points following exposure to an online ad campaign, while brand sentiment increased by 5.3 points.
  • Awareness also saw a jump following exposure: top-of-mind awareness was up 3.1 points while prompted awareness increased 3.5 points.
  • The likelihood of a consumer recommending a brand following exposure to an online ad campaign increased by 4.4 percent.

“While we have had access to global benchmarking data in the past, every market is different and it’s critical to have local insights against which to measure advertising campaigns,” said Tony Marlow, Research Director, Asia Pacific of Nielsen’s online division.  “The number of companies advertising online and the budgets Australian organizations are dedicating to online advertising campaigns is growing every year.  This data gives them a set of reliable, local performance benchmarks against which to measure the effectiveness of future online campaigns.”