Engaging The Public Video Viewing Up At

Engaging The Public Video Viewing Up At

From the moment President Obama began his race for the White House, he became known as the candidate who understood and knew how to use the Web.  Since being elected, he has continued to use the Internet as a vehicle for connecting with people. One of the first acts of the new administration was to create a revamped Web site to help them stay engaged with the public. Knowledge and interest in the “new” has continued to grow since its inception in January, and video viewing has been an important element of this growth.

The proliferation of video across the site, from the President’s weekly video address to video segments on the site’s blog, has helped spur this impressive growth. Unique viewers of video content increased 236 percent month-over-month, growing from 75,000 in February to 252,000 in March 2009, while total video streams increased 350 percent during the same time period.

Unique Video Viewers and Total Video Streams at 

Metric Feb-09 Mar-09 Month-over-Month % Change
Unique Viewers (000) 75 252 236
Total Video Streams (000) 96 432 350
Source: Nielsen VideoCensus, U.S., Home and Work

So who is viewing video at Viewers of video content at the site over-indexed among males and people between the ages of 35 and 49 and those over 65 in March. Unique viewers 35 to 49 were 78 percent more likely to view video on than the average viewer, while people 65 and older were 48 percent more likely.

Unique Viewer Composition Index by Demographic Group for


Demographic Group Unique Viewer Composition Index
Male 123
Female 79
2-11 2
12-17 22
18-24 32
25-34 65
35-49 178
50-64 94
65 + 148
Source: Nielsen VideoCensus, U.S., Home and Work

Average Composition Index is 100

Another new video feature on, Open for Questions, was launched this March. It is a section of the Web site in which the President addresses questions posed by citizens via online video. Open for Questions was one of the top subdomains visited within, receiving 618,000 unique visitors during the month.