Reaching The Hispanic Moviegoer

Reaching The Hispanic Moviegoer

In the early days of the Silver Screen, immigrant characters were not necessarily embraced.  Indeed, it wasn’t until Margarita Cansino changed her name to Rita Hayworth did she hit the big time.  Today, such a move would not be necessary, as attracting Hispanics is one path for a movie to become a blockbuster.  While Latinos make up about 15 percent of the U.S. population, they represent 28 percent of today’s heavy moviegoers.  Almost half of Latinos age 12 to 34 watch 11 or more movies a year (compared to 7 for whites and 8 for African-Americans), and half like to see movies within the first 10 days of release.

So what are they watching? Family and action adventure films are popular, but Hispanics command the highest share of audience in the horror/thriller and romantic comedy genres. And they are not just going to the cinema; Hispanic households are 24 percent more likely to purchase DVDs than the average American household.

By understanding the unique consumption habits of Hispanics, the movie industry can tailor a portion of its advertising to a box office constituency that can build brand awareness and success for movies to come.  Read more about the movie-going habits of Hispanics in the current edition of Consumer Insight.