Connected Devices Does the iPad Change Everything

Connected Devices Does the iPad Change Everything

Revised 10/22/10: This article and the related download have been amended to reflect updates to the percentage of iPad users in the survey downloading apps.

The growing popularity of connected devices – especially Apple’s iconic tablet computer, the iPad – are starting to change how people consume media. And with sales of these devices expected to be a bright spot in an otherwise lackluster holiday shopping season, everyone, be they media companies, publishers, apps developers, advertisers, device manufacturers and wireless carriers are all trying to understand how to leverage this emerging segment.

The Nielsen Company recently surveyed more than 5,000 consumers who already own a tablet computer, eReader, netbook, media/games player, or smartphone to get a better sense of who is using these devices and how they are using them. Download a summary of the findings or contact us for information about acquiring a full copy of Nielsen’s Connected Devices Playbook.



Among the insights:

  • Four percent of U.S. households now own tablet computers
  • The iPad trumps the iPhone for “print” and video viewing
  • A majority of iPad owners have already downloaded and paid for content