Nielsen at Advertising Week Fact Sheet and Video Presentations

Nielsen at Advertising Week Fact Sheet and Video Presentations

For Advertising Week, The Nielsen Company provided a snapshot of ad spending in the U.S., including a comparison of ad dollars in 2009 vs. the first half of 2010. While some sectors like Automotive and Auto Insurance are up in 2010, the majority of ad categories are down relative to the same time period in 2009.


Ad Spending Overview

  • $117B was spent on all U.S. advertising in 2009. 57% of all ad spending in 2009 went into Television, making it the largest medium for advertisers. Print media earned approximately 28% of ad dollars, while Internet earned 7% of all ad dollars.
  • The top spending product category for national TV was Automotive with $3.4B spent in 2009. The most significant growth by any one category among the top 20 was mobile phones, with national TV spend growing almost 200% to $587M in 2009.
  • Ad dollars spent in primetime in national television account for about 50% of total TV ad dollars.
  • The 30-second commercial remains the television advertising standard in primetime, accounting for 54% of all commercials (2009). However, the number of 30-second commercials has decreased 5% in primetime, while the number of 15-second commercials has increased 6%.
  • For more, including ad effectiveness data, download Nielsen Advertising Fact Sheet.

Event Video

On Monday, Steve Hasker, President of Media Services, The Nielsen Company, announced a “major step forward” in online advertising measurement, Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings.

On Tuesday, Jonathan Carson, CEO of Nielsen’s Telecom practice, presented findings from Nielsen’s Connected Devices Playbook, which measures the impact of iPads, Kindles and various other net-ready devices.