Nielsen Goes Green With New Auto Marketing Award

Nielsen Goes Green With New Auto Marketing Award

Lois Miller, President, Automotive unit, The Nielsen Company

Marketing around “green” vehicles continues to be an important factor in driving sales for the auto category. In a recent  study of more than 1,700 U.S. consumers and their electric vehicle purchase consideration, Nielsen saw that seven  out of 10 U.S. consumers would consider purchasing an electric vehicle, and 63 percent would consider them for their positive environmental impact. However, price continues to be a barrier with only 35 percent saying they would pay more for these vehicles. Also, looking at online discussion (“buzz”) about EVs, consumers still often mention anxiety about how far these vehicles can go on a charge. With the current limited availability of charging stations, some question the wide-spread use of a car that needs to be charged frequently.

In order to overcome these obstacles, it will be crucial for marketers to get the message out about the benefits of electric cars and other green vehicles by effectively touting points such as fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness. As these vehicles become available for purchase, marketing will play a key role in providing consumers with solid evidence to make the purchase.

Recognizing the potential impact a successful marketing campaign can have on the industry, Nielsen has joined with the Los Angeles Auto Show to create the 1st annual Nielsen Automotive Green Marketer of the Year Award. Measuring the most effective green marketer will focus on understanding which auto brand was able to raise the awareness and change perceptions around environmental issues most effectively, and will be based on three components:

  1. A custom survey of consumers to understand their awareness and perceptions of environmental messages by manufacturer
  2. Response data from 2.5 million viewers of national television advertising collected by Nielsen, focusing on green automotive ads
  3. Measuring internet “buzz” sentiment changes in social media within green-related discussion threads

Stay tuned for more information regarding the finalists and winner of the first Nielsen Automotive Green Marketer of the Year Award, which will be announced November 18 at the LA Auto Show.