Academy Awards Who Will Win How Many Will Watch

Academy Awards Who Will Win How Many Will Watch

The Award Show season is in full swing, and if history runs true to form this Sunday’s telecast of the 83rd Annual Academy Awards will be one of most-viewed programs of the year.

Viewership for other major award shows in 2011 has increased from previous years, which might give a boost to this year’s Oscar telecast. Last year, with a shoot-out between Avatar and The Hurt Locker, the Academy Awards captured an audience of 41.7 million viewers – the largest in five years.

“The increased viewership for awards shows coincides with the recent trend towards larger audiences for live events,” said Pat McDonough, Senior Vice President for Insights and Analysis at Nielsen. “Watching live events, such as an award show or sporting event, allows the viewer to feel closer to the action and generates a greater appeal to watch. Moreover, simultaneously using Twitter and other social media to follow the event helps enhance the experience even more.”

The Academy Awards
Year Total Number of Viewers Best Picture
2010 41,699,000 The Hurt Locker
2009 36,310,000 Slumdog Millionaire
2008 32,006,000 No Country for Old Men
2007 40,172,000 The Departed
2006 38,939,000 Crash
Source: The Nielsen Company. P2+ viewership, based on live + same day data

The Golden Globes and the Grammy Awards have also seen a steady increase in viewership over the past three years.

The Golden Globes
Year Total Number of Viewers
2011 17,003,000
2010 16,982,000
2009 14,860,000
2008^ 6,038,000
2007 20,036,000
2006 18,765,000
^Golden Globes Press Conference only due to Writers Guild of America, West strike.

Source: The Nielsen Company

The Grammy Awards
Year Total Number of Viewers
2011 26,667,000
2010 25,869,000
2009 19,048,000
2008 17,182,000
2007 20,058,000
2006 17,005,000
Source: The Nielsen Company