August 2011 – Top US Web Brands

August 2011 – Top US Web Brands

Google was the most visited website during August 2011 with 176 million unique U.S. visitors. The Top Sites among U.S. web users remained largely the same as the month before, with Amazon increasing its rank to become the 9th most visited site during August 2011.

While all sites in the Top 10 saw an increase in unique U.S. visitors during the month, Amazon had the largest increase (5.9%) among the top sites.  Visitors to Facebook’s website spent the most time on average, logging over 7 hours 45 minutes using the social network over the course of the month. AOL also increased the amount of time spent by average visitors on their site by over 25% during August.

Top 10 Web Brand for August 2011 (U.S., Total)
Rank Brand Total Internet Audience (000) Time per Person (hh:mm:ss)
1 Google 176,235 1:47:42
2 Facebook 163,163 7:45:49*
3 Yahoo! 149,072 2:12:08
4 MSN/WindowsLive/Bing 134,410 1:43:45
5 YouTube 127,983 1:41:27
6 Microsoft 98,168 0:45:05
7 AOL Media Network 92,096 2:52:52
8 Wikipedia 79,000 0:18:03
9 Amazon 74,532 0:30:56
10 Apple 74,526 1:06:15
Read as: During August 2011, 176.2 million unique U.S. people visited Google’s websites.

Source: Nielsen

Overall 215 million Americans were active on the Internet in August 2011, an increase of 1.2% compared to the previous month. On average Americans spent over 30 hours online during August and visited 99 unique domains. Nielsen estimates 275 million Americans had access to the Internet during August 2011.

Average U.S. Internet Usage for August 2011
Metrics Total
Sessions/Visits per Person 66
Domains Visited per Person 99
Web Page Views per Person 3,123*
Duration of a Web Page viewed 00:0:56
Online Time per Person 30:04:10
# of People Who Went Online 215,848,000
# of People who had Internet access 275,602,135
Read as: 215 million Americans were active online during August 2011, from Total Internet Audience using all sources in the US.

Source: Nielsen

* – Due to a change in the type of call used behind Facebook’s AJAX interface, Nielsen NetView data for Facebook duration was underreported for June and July, impacting overall web use figures for those months. Therefore, Time Spent and Page Views per Person for August should not be trended against July 2011 data.