Worldwide, Internet Ad Spend Grows More than Other Media in First Half of 2012

Worldwide, Internet Ad Spend Grows More than Other Media in First Half of 2012

Advertising is on the rise around the globe and across nearly all media types, according to Nielsen’s Global AdView Pulse report. Gains in areas such as Internet (+7.2%), radio (+6.6%) and TV (+3.1%) offset the 1.3 percent decline in magazine spending in the first half of 2012, leading overall advertising investment to be up 2.7 percent.

Internet advertising made a powerful surge in the emerging markets of the Middle East & Africa (+30.3 percent) and Latin America (+20.6 %). Interestingly, despite being down in overall ad spend, Europe saw the third highest increase in Internet ad spend of any region (+11.2%).

While television continues to hold the majority of advertising dollars globally (61%), the medium saw the biggest increases in Middle East & Africa (+30.1 percent), Latin America (+6.2%) and North America (+4.0%). TV investments declined 2.2 percent in Europe and grew nominally in Asia Pacific (+1.4%).

Magazine spending fell significantly in both Europe and North America, but magazines and newspapers both saw growth in other markets including Latin America, Asian Pacific, and the Middle East & Africa.

Cinema experienced a noteworthy 40.2 percent gain in the Asia Pacific market and a marginal gain in Europe of .4 percent. This led to an increase of 5.9 percent globally despite decreases in Latin America (-21.1%) and the Middle East & Africa (-19.1%).

Outdoor media ad spend grew during the first half of 2012, with the biggest gains in the Middle East & Africa (+38.8%)and the Asia Pacific (+16.7%).

Radio, which saw a global increase of 6.6 percent, was also up in all regions measured.


Nielsen Global AdView Pulse measures ad spending for TV, newspapers, magazines, radio, outdoor, cinema and Internet display advertising. Some markets may exclude select media due to data availability.

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Download the latest Nielsen’s Global AdView Pulse report here.