Consumer Insights Shine a Light on Holiday Shopping

Consumer Insights Shine a Light on Holiday Shopping

Every year there’s someone difficult to shop for. As we head into the holiday season, everyone has that friend or relative who poses a tricky gift-giving conundrum. This year, consumer insights from Scarborough encourage shoppers to think about their gift recipients in terms of consumer groups like working moms, sports fans, arts enthusiasts, connected consumers and status seekers. Since shopping patterns differ across consumer groups, understanding their unique buying behaviors can help businesses adjust their messaging and outreach to better meet clients’ needs.

For example, working moms typically purchase products that help keep their lives organized. Sports fans can never have enough sports apparel. Arts enthusiasts enjoy donating to charitable organizations. Connected consumers are interested in learning more about foreign cultures, and status seekers take pride in showing off their homes.



Scarborough has been measuring media, retail and lifestyles on a local level for nearly 40 years. We contact 210,000 consumers each year via phone interviews, survey booklets, television diaries and internet surveys to compile our insights.