Morning Growth Is Driving Hispanic Radio Listening Gains

Morning Growth Is Driving Hispanic Radio Listening Gains

The Hispanic radio audience is growing across the U.S., increasing by more than half a million listeners over the past year based on Nielsen’s March 2014 RADAR report. As a result, Hispanics have the highest propensity to listen to the radio of any ethnic group. According to the latest Nielsen Audio Today report, 94.2 percent of all Hispanics (aged 12+) listen to the radio during the week.

So where is this listening growth coming from? Here’s a hint: it’s NOT occurring in the 10 AM-3 PM daypart, which has the highest ratings among Hispanics.

The most significant growth, speaking strictly about audience size, among Hispanic listeners over the past year has occurred during the morning drive daypart (6 AM-10 AM). The morning radio listening audience among Hispanics is growing at a much faster pace than any other time during the day, to the tune of 448,000 new listeners in the March 2014 RADAR report.

National Weekly Cume Audience (Millions)

Hispanic 12+ March 2013 RADAR March 2014 RADAR Difference (%) Difference (Listeners)
Mon-Sun Mid-Mid 39,586,000 40,160,000 1.50% 574,000
AM drive (6 AM-10 AM) 28,939,000 29,387,000 1.50% 448,000
Mid day (10 AM-3 PM) 31,333,000 31,511,000 0.60% 178,000
PM drive (3 PM-7 PM) 32,686,000 33,000,000 1.00% 314,000
Evenings (7 PM-Mid) 24,281,000 24,095,000 -0.80% -186,000
Weekends (Mid-Mid) 33,481,000 33,612,000 0.40% 131,000
Source: Nielsen

While the afternoon drive daypart has the largest Hispanic audience during the work week, and mid-day is the top-rated daypart (combining both total audience and time spent listening), the morning drive daypart is outperforming the rest of the week when it comes to adding new Hispanic radio listeners to the dial.

About Nielsen RADAR

Nielsen’s RADAR (Radio’s All Dimension Audience Research) service measures U.S. radio listening and is the standard currency for national network radio ratings for 46 individual radio networks in America.