News Cycle: How a Custom Nielsen Solution Helped CNN Offer Buyers a Broader Look at Its Viewers

News Cycle: How a Custom Nielsen Solution Helped CNN Offer Buyers a Broader Look at Its Viewers

How we get our news has come a long way.

The next breaking news story you see could be on your phone, on your computer, in your office, or at home. In this 24/7 news cycle, consumers expect to get the news in the middle of a busy workday or in the dead of night. They also want it on the device or platform of their choice. And that means news networks have a great opportunity to reach viewers on multiple screens and platforms.

In collaboration with CNN, Nielsen developed a fusion using seven data sources to help CNN form a sales planning tool that helps agencies and advertisers optimize their ad campaign plans. With content consumed by over 132 million people in one month across websites, television and online video, CNN had a unique need to tell its story to marketers. Announced last year, CNN All Screen is the name of this fusion, and it’s already making analytics in-roads as the news network seeks to differentiate itself.

With this solution, CNN, for the first time, can look at total traditional television viewing: in-home television viewing as measured by Nielsen’s National People Meter panel and traditional out-of-home viewing (OOH) as measured by Nielsen Audio’s Portable People Meter. With CNN All Screen, the network can understand the incremental viewing that occurs outside of the home such as in offices and hotel rooms.

For example, according to a recent month’s results from CNN All Screen, the network reached 37 percent more viewers than if it was only reaching the viewers who were tuning in under their own roofs. As a result, the news network has been able to show notably more TV impressions. In the fourth quarter of 2013, CNN’s out-of-home impressions delivered a 32 percent increase over in-home impressions among P25-54 and a 39 percent increase among P18-49. Offices contributed the most out-of-home impressions. Even more importantly, advertiser reach is further enhanced without negatively affecting frequency.

Advertiser Campaign R&F (masked client)

Demo Campaign Reach (000) Average Frequency
TV In Home 6,477 2.7
TV OOH 4,179 1.8
Total TV In Home + OOH 10,291 2.3
Source: Nielsen CNN All Screen Custom Advertiser X, December 2013.

“A news format is, quite simply, different than most networks. News viewers are informed and passionate about the content they are watching and not just on traditional television in their homes, but in many different ways and we were looking for a custom way to measure and value this audience away from their homes—at work, on the go,” said Jeff Zucker, President, CNN Worldwide.

“With consumer choice comes the opportunity for marketers and advertisers to take advantage of new ways to engage with their viewers,” stated Lynda Clarizio, President U.S. Media, Nielsen. “Over the last few years, data fusion has seen increased acceptance as a sales planning tool, and we are thrilled to work closely with CNN to get their message out.”