The Best of Newswire 2014: Entertainment

The Best of Newswire 2014: Entertainment

Whether we’re singing along to the latest release from a favorite music artist or challenging a group of friends in an online battle to build the best empire, entertainment engages us like nothing else.

But just as technology evolves and our media offerings fragment, so do our entertainment options. Gone are the days of cassette tapes, but a mix of traditional and emerging options are competing for consumers’ ears. While radio reaches more than 90% of everyone in the U.S. each week, streaming is definitely picking up steam—both for audio and video. And although Twitter is now the modern day water cooler where people share thoughts and opinions about anything and everything, sometimes nothing beats curling up with a good book.

Here’s a look back at our top five entertainment stories from 2014.

Music Listening

Music Mapped Out: How Consumers Are Interacting with Music Across the U.S.

Just about everyone connects with music, but where we live plays a big part of how we listen to, buy and engage with our tunes. For example, music aficionados in the Pacific region make up the largest group of subscription streamers in the U.S. Meanwhile, tune enthusiasts in the Mountain region rank second-highest for listening to music as a primary activity.

Social TV

This TV Season’s Biggest Moments on Twitter

This past TV season saw many programs launch beyond the screens we watched them on through social media. TV moments became thousands of messages on Twitter within seconds, with the energy of engaged fan bases, the influence of program stars and press, and the quick creativity of advertisers amplifying posts to millions of people on Twitter.


Familiar Franchises Top Gamers’ Wish Lists for Holiday 2014

As the 2014 holiday season kicked into high gear among retailers, gamers across the country started their wish lists as they assessed the year’s hottest video games. So what games topped peoples’ wish lists this year? For gamers, it depended on their console of choice.

Streaming Trends

To Stream, or Not to Stream…

Not only did Taylor Swift sell more than 1.28 million copies of her album “1989” in its debut week, but her entire catalog, save one song, was removed from the streaming service Spotify. This raised the question: What do music consumers do when they can’t find their favorite artists’ music on an on-demand streaming platform?


Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover: Tech-Savvy Teens Remain Fans of Print Books

With today’s rapidly evolving technology and ever-present social media changing the way consumers are connecting with the written word, it should come as no surprise that today’s teens are finding and consuming content differently from previous generations. But while we typically associate these youthful consumers with being early adopters of new technology and digital content platforms, the reading habits of those aged 13-17 are a mix of old and new.