Tops of 2015: U.S. Grocery

From the center of the store and the perimeter, here are the top growth grocery categories that captured American’s attention in 2015 and generated steep dollar sales increases.

Another Classic Radio Christmas Is In Store

With Christmas just a few days away, tens of millions of Americans will be tuning into their local holiday music radio station. And once again this year, stations that flip to an “All-Christmas” format will likely see a boost in ratings.

Tops of 2015: Entertainment

While books are one of our oldest forms of entertainment, reading remains a top spare-time activity for all ages around the globe. But what books consumers buying vary from print to digital.

Star Wars: The Franchise Awakens

With the release of The Force Awakens, a new Nielsen analysis explores the sales figures behind the franchise over the past few years, focusing on Star Wars-related discs, books, and consumer packaged goods.