Streaming in Canada: Listeners Tune In and Set Digital Records

Streaming in Canada: Listeners Tune In and Set Digital Records

Music streaming is hot, and not just in the U.S., where levels hit new highs in 2014. In fact, all of North America is tuning is, as new data shows that artists are finding big digital success in Canada as well. And trends in the New Year have picked up right where they left off in December, as January was one for the record books in terms of streaming.

During the week ended Jan. 25, 2015, six different songs were each streamed more than 1 million times. This is the first time since Nielsen began monitoring music streams in Canada (July 2014) that six different songs were streamed more than 1 million times in a single week.

In a world where digital music consumption is growing by leaps and bounds, it’s important to understand the breadth of music that’s streamed compared with traditional full album consumption. For comparison purposes, 1,500 streams equal one album, and 10 digital downloads equal one album, as Billboard calculates for its U.S. album chart. When we look at digital along these lines, we see that Taylor Swift actually sold more 1989 albums in Canada through streaming than she did through digital downloads during the week ending Jan. 25. (1,067 vs 1,052)

“With more than 6 billion songs streamed in just the last six months of 2014, as well as new services launching this year, music fans continue to enjoy huge amounts of digital music,” says David Bakula, SVP Industry Insights, Nielsen Entertainment.