Tops of 2016: Digital

From new digital devices coming to the market to the growing interest in virtual reality, 2016 was a big year for digital. As the year comes to a close, Nielsen looked at some of the top trends in digital, including the top U.S. smartphone apps and operating systems.

Cashing In: Most Marketable Athletes of 2016

The marketability of an athlete often rises and falls with the tide of public opinion beyond their “on-field” performance. Nielsen’s N-Score Talent Tracker quantifies a celebrity’s marketability, taking into account Awareness and Likeability in addition to 10 other attributes.

Tops of 2016: U.S. Grocery

Many of this year's grocery trends have been fueled by consumers’ desire to do things quicker—without compromising on quality. As a result, more and more consumers are turning to quick-and-easy meal solutions, ready-to-drink beverages and other items that save time in the kitchen.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year—For Shopping!

With the holiday shopping season at a fever pitch, mobile devices and smartwatches are going fast. This season, 14% of U.S. mobile subscribers plan to purchase a phone or tablet, with 10% planning to purchase a smartwatch. And 72% who intend to buy a mobile phone are buying them for themselves.

A Hardcourt Holiday: NBA Stars Shine on Christmas Day

A tradition since 1947, Christmas Day is one of the most heavily viewed days of the NBA regular season. As in Christmases past, this year is poised to be one of the biggest days for professional basketball in television audience size, value to sponsors and social chatter.

Tops of 2016: Audio

As 2016 is winding down and we count down the final days until we ring in the new year, we took a closer look at the radio industry this past year and its ever-evolving growth and listening trends.

Tops of 2016: Fresh Organic

Organic products are increasing in quantity across shelves and categories in the store. So what are the top organic sales categories that captured America’s attention in 2016?

Uncommon Sense: Humans in the Smart Machine Age

In the coming decades, machine learning will transform work as we know it. And unlike previous revolutions, which primarily affected blue-collar workers, the smart machine revolution has white-collar workers in its sights.