Fresh Foods are Helping Drive In-Store U.S. FMCG Sales

Fresh Foods are Helping Drive In-Store U.S. FMCG Sales

As many consumers around the world adopt digital channels for many of their shopping needs, a few fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) categories are helping drive in-store visits and purchasing trends. Fresh foods is one such category. In fact, in a relatively flat U.S. FMCG market (+0.2% dollar growth in Q3 2017), fresh foods and perishables have driven almost $1.5 billion in sales gains over the past year.

Retailers are also using the fresh areas of their stores to fuel innovative offerings—both by pairing items with other categories or varying package sizes. As healthful intentions among consumers show no sign of slowing, the emergence of innovative produce offerings are driving category performance. From the arrival of snack-sized miniature produce for on-the-go consumers, to the transformation of produce into alternative grains or noodles, produce is transcending traditional store borders in its uses. 

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