U.S. Music 360 – 2018 Highlights

Music is the universal language of the U.S. population. Nielsen’s 2018 Music 360 report is a powerful source of consumer behaviors and attitudes, filled with a comprehensive range of self-reported data to help you deeply understand today’s music consumer.

The Database: Getting Into the Game with Sports Marketing

This episode of The Database explores the ins and outs of sports marketing. With digital devices increasing fans' access to their favorite sports, as well as new ones, the opportunities for brands and rights holders are growing—provided they can engage today's fans.

NBA Teams Score a Slam Dunk with Social Media

Last year, we tracked more than 1.1 million logo exposures on official league and team profiles and a panel of the most valuable media, broadcasters and influencers on social media. Nielsen Sports Social24, our sponsorship media valuation product, showed that brands received $490 million worth of...

A Tale of Two Coasts: The 2018 Major League Baseball World Series

If the 2018 World Series were determined solely by the numbers of fans, the Los Angeles Dodgers would win. According to Nielsen Scarborough Research, nearly 6.2 million adults watched, attended or listened to a Dodgers game this year nationally, ranking the team second in fans only to the New York...

Formula 1 Fandom is Accelerating in the U.S.

While most popular in Europe and South America, Formula 1 is gaining ground and appeal among consumers in North America. The series currently travels to North America three times for the U.S. Grand Prix and Mexican Grand Prix and the Canadian Grand Prix.

Holiday 2018: The Most Anticipated Video Games

As the holiday shopping season approaches, video game makers typically set the table with a feast of high-profile new games for players to devour. So which ones are gamers most anxious to sink their teeth into this year?

The Rise of Women’s Sports

The rate of change in women’s sports is one of the most exciting trends in the sports industry right now. For rights holders, brands and the media, this represents a chance to develop a new commercial proposition and engage fans in a different way.