Don’t Fail Fast, Learn Fast

Fail fast has become a major catch phrase for innovation teams lately, but when put into practice, the end result is often the product of simply cutting corners.

Put The Customer First When Trying To Think Agile

Companies across all industries are trying to embrace agility, from assembling innovation teams who are tasked with thinking differently to intelligently testing new products online, with the goal of becoming the next category disrupter. But, it’s harder than it looks.

Setting the Record Straight on Innovation Failure

In an effort to discover a sustainable, replicable formula for innovation success, Nielsen asked 'Why do so many launches fail?' This report presents three common causes of innovation failure, backed by robust data—and they may not be what many marketers would expect.

Design Impact Award Chronicles

It's the second year for The Nielsen Design Impact Awards, and this edition highlights the considerable impact that effective package design can have. Package design often doesn’t get the respect it deserves, so we want to celebrate brands that are elevating the role of packaging in the marketing...

How to Innovate Smarter Without Sacrificing Speed

Today, FMCG manufacturers are under enormous pressure to innovate faster. As a result, manufacturers are cutting corners to be more agile, yet are doing so at the expense of valuable consumer feedback and opportunities for refinement.

How Food Trends Translate in the Chip Aisle

Given the depth of the salty snack category, we put a few modern food trends to the test in the chip aisle to see how consumers would react to flavor innovations like southern biscuits and gravy, brown sugar and kimchi.

Design Impact Award Chronicles: 2017 Edition

The Nielsen Design Impact Awards highlight the considerable impact that effective package design can have. The inaugural awards recognized seven successful package redesigns in the FMCG space—ones that helped drive significant increases in brands’ bottom lines. These are their stories.