The Database: Opportunities in Emerging Markets

The Database: Opportunities in Emerging Markets

Episode 6

In recent history, emerging markets have driven consistently higher consumer product goods sales than developed markets. That’s not likely to change dramatically in the near term, and these markets will remain important investments for multinational companies looking for new customers.

But the rules to the emerging market playbook are changing. Where growth has been easy in the past, the shadows of local giant competitors are now looming. Meanwhile, other markets remain tougher to crack open—and they don’t always reward the first to market.

This episode of The Database, a podcast from Nielsen, kicks off season 2, and follows the release of our recent What’s Next in Emerging Markets report. In this episode, we discuss the current emerging markets landscape, as well as considerations global product companies should keep top of mind when doing business there.

Our guests on this episode include Regan Leggett, Executive Director of Thought Leadership and Foresight for Growth Markets at Nielsen, Ato Micah, Executive Director for Nielsen’s Retail business in Ghana and Nigeria, and Tuesday Hagiwara, who leads Client Communications for Global Buyside Multinationals.