The Nielsen Audio Podcast: A Guided Tour of Radio

The Nielsen Audio Podcast: A Guided Tour of Radio

Episode 1

The Nielsen Audio Podcast explores key topics shaping the listening landscape in America today. Audio, in all its various forms – AM/FM radio, streaming and podcasting – is increasingly winning the attention of consumers and advertisers. 

Much of this appeal can be attributed to a long and sustained legacy. AM/FM radio, the original electronic media, is the load-bearing wall in audio’s house. Broadcast radio remains the number one weekly reach medium in America today: 92% of U.S. adults 18+ tune to radio each week, more than any other platform measured by Nielsen. Across age, gender and ethnicity, radio consistently connects with a larger number of consumers than TV, mobile or digital.

Join your hosts from Nielsen Audio as they embark on a guided tour of the radio industry to explore where radio has been in the past, where it sits today in the media mix, and what lies ahead for America’s number one reach platform.

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