What's Driving Tomorrow's Drivers

Given the connected lifestyles of youths in general, with constant online engagement the new norm, it’s not surprising that young people believe that self-driving vehicles are just over the horizon. But are they interested in owning them?

Case Study: Local Broadcast Campaign Drives Auto Engagement

To gauge effectiveness, Utah’s Ken Garff Auto Group used Nielsen Campaign Effect to measure whether car buyers and leasers who tuned in to one of its ads on TV or the radio were more engaged than consumers who had not heard or seen the ad.

Usage-Based Insurance and Telematics

In an age of technology advancement, UBI and telematics have played an integral part when we examine the future of the auto insurance market. And UBI is quickly gaining traction, particularly among younger drivers.

Staying Connected Behind the Wheel

As mobile tech continues to permeate the consumer landscape, car manufacturers are ramping up their efforts to help keep customers plugged in while they’re behind the wheel. So as the trend increases, which features are U.S. consumers looking for, which ones are they already using, and which ones...

The Car IS the Information Superhighway

Cars are big business, and as technology continues to permeate our lives, the auto industry is broadening its revenue base by tapping into consumers’ desire to stay connected from behind the wheel. And regardless of tech preference, the modern car offers some form of connectivity for...

Insurance: To Switch, or Not to Switch

While some things get better with age, other things can fall victim to inattention over time. Whether it’s because we’re strapped for time or simply not very interested in the subject, insurance often falls into the “I’ll deal with it later” bucket rather than landing at the top of our...