Tops of 2016: Books

With an endless stream of entertainment from movies to video games (not to mention an interesting political season), how did the oldest form of entertainment—the book—fare this year?

2015 U.S. Book Industry Year-End Review

Sales of traditional print books increased almost 3% in 2015, while sales of e-books dipped 13%. That said, however, certain genres maintained a larger share in the digital realm than others, including Romance and Thrillers.

Romance Readers by the Numbers

No longer just your average girl-meets-boy story, the billion-dollar Romance book industry has enough sub-genres to keep its diverse, loyal fan base happy for some time and remain one of the most widely read genres in the world. So who is the Romance reader?

Tops of 2015: Entertainment

While books are one of our oldest forms of entertainment, reading remains a top spare-time activity for all ages around the globe. But what books consumers buying vary from print to digital.