By the Book: What’s Bringing Young Adult Fans to Theaters?

Young adult fiction adaptations are a growing slice of the box office pie, increasing 6% between 2013 and 2014. And in a survey of consumers who had seen three or more recent movies from this genre, 43% choose it as one of their favorites to go see in a movie theater. So what about young adult...

Young Adult Adaptation Fanship

Recently, movies based on young adult books have emerged as the newest genre in which content creators are investing. To take advantage of this trend, it is important to have a clear view of what is driving moviegoers towards this genre and the implications for the coming years.

Attachment to Print—It's a Parenting Thing

While technology continues to influence how we consume content, most parents in the U.S. still place a high level of importance on print when it comes to reading. In some cases, they’re even bigger fans of print than their buying habits indicate.

Ubiquitous Universes: Turning Teen Books into Ageless Franchises

(Editor’s note: We updated this article on April 16, 2014, to reflect the current print copy sales figures for the four series mentioned.) Every year, it seems, a new film franchise based off a popular teen series climbs to the top of the box office. This year will likely be no exception. In...

The Littlest Consumers’ Big Value in the Entertainment Industry

While most kids aren’t big spenders, music, books, home entertainment, and video games geared for today’s youngest consumers generate big sales every year. But kids present opportunities beyond youth-specific entertainment. Children can become a strong secondary audience for adult entertainment...

U.S. Book Industry Year-End Review

While the book industry is no stranger to change, the written word remains popular. In 2013, physical book sales stayed strong, with print book consumption only declining slightly from the year before. And while e-book growth slowed and the market has now matured, the innovation is far from over.