For U.S. Multicultural Consumers, Story Time Is Family Time

With an estimated buying power that now eclipses $1.4 trillion annually, the U.S. Hispanic market’s cultural and consumer impact can be felt across multiple industries—even at local bookstores. In fact, Hispanic families are more likely to buy books for their children than the general U.S....

U.S. Children’s Book Landscape

In addition to highlighting awareness and purchase drivers, this Book Landscape report details the top-selling children’s books, the demographic profiles of today’s children’s book buyers and the platforms that buyers are gravitating toward as they make their purchases.

The Best of Newswire 2014: Entertainment

Whether we're singing along to the latest release from a favorite music artist or challenging a group of friends in an online battle to build the best empire, entertainment engages us like nothing else. Here’s a look back at our top five entertainment stories from 2014.

Tops of 2014: Entertainment

Similar to last’s years entertainment titles, 2014's top DVDs/Blu-Rays and books were full of franchises. Audiences, especially teens, are fans of series—in either format. And across entertainment, kids' and young adults' series reigned supreme this year.