Comfort Zones: Acclimating Consumers to Mobile Banking

While we’re quick to let devices around our wrists track our health, comfort levels vary when it comes to tech and mobile money management. In fact, many of us are still more at ease with seeing dollar signs on a printed statement than on a phone screen or in a mobile app.

Can't Get No (Housing) Satisfaction

One in three U.S. households plans to move in the next five years. Many are unsatisfied with their certain aspects of their living situations. The Demand Institute has termed these gaps between what Americans have and what they say they need or want the “Satisfaction Gap.”

Digital Money Management: Millennials and Boomers

The world has gone digital, and payment methodologies are rapidly gaining prominence among savvy consumers. And when retail banks assess areas of consumer opportunity, they should definitely be looking at the mass affluent, those households with $250,000 to $1,000,000 in liquid assets.

Baby Boomers: Not Heading South For Their Golden Years

Boomers have contributed significantly to the U.S. economy over the years, and they remain significant consumers, particularly with respect to housing. In fact, they’ll spend $1.9 trillion on home purchases and $500 billion on rent between now and the start of the next decade.

Getting Ready for Taiwan’s ‘Generation Z’

Companies in the U.S. are very much focused on the “aging out” of the Baby Boomer generation, and what it means for their business. From my perch in Taiwan, it seems as if the main focus in the U.S. is on the difference between Baby Boomers and Millennials. Here in Taiwan, many are taking a