Global Snack-Buyers Get Territorial

Snacks seem to be available almost everywhere we shop. And since 58% of global respondents say that most of their snack purchases are unplanned, it makes good business sense to have snacks at the ready and within arm’s reach.

Uncommon Sense: How Do You Measure Reputation?

Today, a company’s reputation is increasingly recognized as a business asset that is central to maintaining and growing business value. Despite this recognition, however, corporate competencies around reputation measurement often lag. So “How do you measure corporate reputation?”

Nielsen TV: Loyal TV Viewers are the Desirable Viewers

As platforms diversify and channel options increase, TV broadcasters need to be aware of audience size as well as repeat viewership. That’s where loyalty comes in to play. Viewer loyalty—akin to brand loyalty—could be a pivotal commodity for marketers looking to find value in a quickly...

Mobile Migration: Online Shopping Goes Mobile in the U.K.

Shopping in the U.K. isn’t what it used to be. In fact, it’s not even what it was just a year ago. Today, retailers are finding that more and more consumers are shopping from their mobile devices rather than their desktops and laptops—a shift that presents new opportunities for interaction...

Online Quiz: Snack Attack

Who doesn’t love a good snack? Always at the ready, those crispy, crunchy, chewy provisions are our comfort food when we’re down, meal replacement when we’re in a hurry, companion when we’re relaxing and party staple when we’re celebrating. As snack manufacturers look to tailor offerings...