Giving Thanks Takes On a New Meaning in 2020

Thanksgiving festivities will look and feel drastically different this year, depending on location, generation and the financial impact of the pandemic. From online shopping to price hikes, consumers share commonalities in confronting a Thanksgiving unlike any other.

Predicting the COVID-19 Behavioral Reset

In addition to keeping us informed, the news media can often inspire quick, sometimes targeted, behavior shifts, especially in times of crisis. But in today’s prolonged timeline of crisis, there are other factors driving consumer behavior transformation.

Unemployment is at the Heart of Long-Term Consumer Change

Two important narratives have been necessarily conflated as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has made its way around the world this year: the devastating impact of the deadly disease on the lives of millions and their loved ones and the almost immediate effect on the global economy.

Advertising in the Age of COVID-19

Faced with uncertainty about the future, many companies are responding by trying to freeze all activity, from hiring to marketing. But stopping and cutting all activity can only persist for so long without dramatic downstream effects. Adaptation will be the key to survival.

Concerns About COVID-19 Push U.S. E-Commerce Boundaries

With most of the world now on lockdown in an attempt to mitigate further spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), it’s not surprising to see heightened e-commerce adoption across the U.S. What is somewhat surprising, however, is that in some categories and locations, online sales have been...