Total Consumer Report 2019

A transaction today involves more than just an exchange of payment for goods and services. It involves an exchange of data and is a reflection of trust. In this report, we’ll review and link out to viewpoints on the consumer opportunities in play today to win that trust.

Who’s Winning the Claim Game in the Pet Food Arena?

When it comes to the consumer product goods industry, there’s ironically a few categories that aren’t actually intended for people consumers. Pet care is the perfect example. That said, however, discerning and knowledgeable consumers are just as focused on the health and wellness of their pets...

Quarter By Numbers: Q4 2018

Fast-moving consumer goods and GDP growth in Q4 2018 was strongest in Asia-Pacific, and consumers in the region feel the best globally about their financial well-being. Comparatively, only 37% of consumers in Europe believe their conditions have improved over the past five years.