The Total Audience Report

Viewers have immense control over the choices they have amid the evolving ecosystem of devices and platforms for content discovery. In fact, they’ve never had more control than they do today. And as a result, we see a resounding growth in content consumption on digital platforms.

Content is King, But Viewing Habits Vary by Demographic

From smartphones to tablets and even the latest generation gaming consoles, today's technology is changing rapidly. According to Nielsen’s third-quarter Total Audience Report—formerly the Cross-Platform Report—this fragmentation doesn’t apply just to technology; consumers' viewing habits...

Banking Bits & Bytes: Digital Engagement Across the Generations

Most U.S. consumers are digitally aware, but the degree of digital adoption varies, especially when money is concerned. And consumers with the most wealth represent the greenest areas of opportunity for retail banks. But given the diversity across the consumer groups with the deepest pockets,...

Multi-Screen Advertising is Growing in Canada

Integrated multi-screen campaigns are changing the way the industry thinks about advertising and measurement in Canada. The shift in strategy underscores the changing needs of consumers and their ever-evolving media consumption habits.

Age Matters with Digital Shoppers

E-commerce is growing around the world. In fact, global online purchase intention rates doubled—in some cases tripled—between 2011 and 2014 across more than half of 22 categories measured by Nielsen. But not all age groups are shopping online to the same degree.

Action Figures: How Second Screens are Transforming TV Viewing

Mobile devices are becoming an increasingly common part of our daily TV routines. According to the latest Nielsen survey of connected device owners, nearly half of smartphone owners (46%) and tablet owners (43%) said they use their devices as second screens while watching TV every day. And more...

Changing Demographics of Tablet and eReader Owners in the US | Nielsen

In the U.S., as recently as last Summer, tablet and eReader owners tended to be male and on the younger side. But according to Nielsen’s latest, quarterly survey of mobile connected device owners, this is no longer the case. Back in Q3 2010, for example, 62 percent of tablet owners were under the...