Solving the Marketer’s Dilemma

How do you determine the right amount to spend on marketing and how to allocate it across different program options? If you’re finding it difficult to determine a marketing budget you feel confident in, you’re in good company.

Case Study: The Economist Proves the Power of Marketing

When The Economist sought to expand its subscriber base in the U.S. and U.K., the company turned to Nielsen to better understand which of its tactics were working well, and how to best allocate its growing marketing budget to maximize subscriptions going forward.

The Secrets to Spanish-Language TV ROI

Driving strong ROI from Spanish-language advertising is obtainable, and our research points to some key tips that can help advertisers achieve strong outcomes more consistently.

Journal of Measurement

Thanks to recent advances in data collection, transfer, storage and analysis, there’s never been more data available to research organizations. But 'Big Data' does not guarantee good data, and robust research methodologies are more important than ever.