Nielsen TV: Sizing up the Podcast Potential

For advertisers, podcast listeners represent a major opportunity, particularly because of how dedicated podcast fans are to the medium. So what do we know about podcasters, and what’s the key to tapping into this passionate group of extreme audiophiles?

Nielsen TV: American Radio and the Business of Urban Music

During Nielsen’s recent Audio Client Conference, Jon Miller sat down with Tony Kidd, VP of Programming, Atlanta Radio, Cox Media Group, to learn more about why radio resonates with African-Americans and which genres are driving them to tune in.

Nielsen TV: Where Digital Fits In to Today's Media Mix

There’s no shortage of chatter in the media realm about the growth of digital, and the myriad conversations span everything from platform usage to consumption trends to advertising. While digital is a fluid and evolving arena, David Poltrack, chief research officer at CBS Corp., has a clear...

Nielsen TV: The Road to Better Advertising ROI

In the ad measurement realm, ROI has always been the Holy Grail for marketers. That said, Nielsen’s Randall Beard notes that there’s more to the story than simply understanding if something looks like a good investment.

Nielsen TV: Making Sure Your Ads Resonate

There’s not just one thing that drives good advertising. In a sense, there’s really three things: reach, resonance and reaction. And while it’s critical that advertising reach the right audience, it’s just as important for messages to mean something to the audience when they’re delivered.

Nielsen TV: Trends in U.S. SVOD Viewing

More than 40% of U.S. TV homes have at least one SVOD service, clear evidence that consumers are taking advantage of burgeoning diversity of choice they have right at their fingertips. So who is the current SVOD consumer? Peter Katsingris offers some key insights.