Webinar: How to Make the Creative Process More Effective

Are you getting consistent, reliable results from your advertising campaigns? If not, why? Check out our webinar recording to find out. In the webinar, Dan Beltramo introduces the concept and practice of "Advertising Process Control" focusing on how to predict reliable digital advertising campaign...

Nielsen TV: Making Sure Your Ads Resonate

There’s not just one thing that drives good advertising. In a sense, there’s really three things: reach, resonance and reaction. And while it’s critical that advertising reach the right audience, it’s just as important for messages to mean something to the audience when they’re delivered.

Webinar: Delivering Confidence for Digital Buys

You work hard to make your digital ad campaigns a success, but how can you expect success if you don't know how your ad is performing? In today's ever-changing advertising environment, digital measurement is critical to understanding and evaluating just that.

Uncommon Sense: The Case for Resonance

Advertisers try to make their ads hit home with audiences as much as possible—but there's room for improvement. Investing a little more heavily in determining how much ads resonate and working to improve campaigns accordingly have the potential to dramatically improve overall advertising...

Nielsen TV: Pontificating Over Programmatic

How long has it been since you’ve heard the term programmatic? Probably not that long. You might even be tired of hearing about it. Even so, programmatic is here to stay and will continue to broaden its reach across the ad landscape going forward. The rub, however, is that programmatic alone...

Nielsen TV: Understanding the Online Advertising Landscape

Planning and buying advertising is no easy feat these days, thanks to a rapidly changing media landscape and a shifting population base. And no discussion about advertising would be complete without factoring in the evolving online landscape, particularly as topics like programmatic and viewability...

The State of Digital Brand Advertising

Digital advertising continues to grow as marketers follow fragmenting audiences across screens. Within the digital medium, which has traditionally been dominated by direct response advertising, brand marketing growth is now outpacing direct response.

Nielsen Talk: Cross-Platform Video with Tremor Video’s Bill Day

Bill Day is an Internet pioneer with a proven track record of identifying emerging technologies to serve the needs of consumers, the media community and investors. Prior to leading Tremor Video, he served as CEO of video ad-tech company ScanScout. He’s a co-founder of, where he served...