Case Study: Building Brand Lift From the Ground Up

To execute a recent native ad campaign, Pergo teamed up with TripleLift to communicate its brand message by integrating their advertising content within a site’s endemic experience. Together, they turned to Nielsen to further the impact of their efforts against the primary marketing...

Case Study: More than Just Engaging

Spending on digital video ads is up, but advertisers are still looking to understand if their video advertising efforts are positively affecting brand opinions. Videology worked closely with Nielsen to understand the brand building capabilities of its platform.

Nielsen TV: Ad Delivery in the Golden Age of Video

For video consumers, choice is rampant—in both content and platform. In fact, Tremor Video CEO Bill Day says the current environment has created what he deems the golden age of video. That choice, however, is a challenge for marketers. But it’s one Mr. Day expects will be a short-term one.

Webinar: How to Make the Creative Process More Effective

Are you getting consistent, reliable results from your advertising campaigns? If not, why? Check out our webinar recording to find out. In the webinar, Dan Beltramo introduces the concept and practice of "Advertising Process Control" focusing on how to predict reliable digital advertising campaign...

Nielsen TV: Making Sure Your Ads Resonate

There’s not just one thing that drives good advertising. In a sense, there’s really three things: reach, resonance and reaction. And while it’s critical that advertising reach the right audience, it’s just as important for messages to mean something to the audience when they’re delivered.