Webinar: Reaching Key Voter Segments in the 2016 Election

This webinar examines key voter segments—single white females, Millennial Hispanics, African-Americans, and noncollegiate white males—in an effort to assist campaigns, consultants and agencies in understanding more about who they are, what issues they deem most important and which media...

Media Habits of the Single White Female Voter | Nielsen Local

While traditional media still holds strong for the Single White Female Voter, the importance of digital in reaching this key voter segment can been seen whether its enhancing the reach of traditional mediums via their digital audiences or reaching out directly to her via internet...

News/Talk Radio Becomes a Political Powerhouse

With heated debates among Republicans and Democrats, as well as the lead up to the first “Super Tuesday” of the presidential election primary season, politics was a hot topic of conversation in February—across the country and on the radio.