State of the Media – Audio Today 2017

Welcome to the 2017 Audio Today Report, our snapshot of the listening landscape today viewed through many different lenses – reach and audience growth, network radio, podcasting, localism and much more.

The Year in Sports Media Report: 2016

The Year in Sports Media report spotlights how dramatic, come-from-behind victories and historic championships affected brands, and looks at key trends that will shape the sports business in 2017 and for years to come.

Audio Today: A Focus on Network Radio

In this final report of the year we turn our focus to network radio; the large catalog of national content available each week from dozens of radio networks and syndicators.

Audio Today: A Focus on Black and Hispanic Audiences

Radio listeners are also a diverse group, reflective of our national population. More than 73 million of them are black and Hispanic, and their influence is felt everywhere from the ballot box to the grocery store.

Audio Today: Radio 2016 – Appealing Far and Wide

Radio leads all other platforms when it comes to weekly reach (93%) among adult consumers - and with new insights available to compare radio to other platforms on a regular basis, it’s clear that radio is an integral part of media consumption for millions of Americans.

The Year in Sports Media Report: 2015

Over the last 10 years, the media market has undergone a drastic transformation, which has positively affected sports on TV. There is an enormous amount of sports content to choose from and a shocking amount of hours viewed.

State of the Media: Audio Today—How America Listens

Radio, one of the original mass mediums, continues to play a big part in the lives of Americans everywhere—with 243 million Americans listening weekly. For advertisers, that means radio delivers a mass audience in real-time across markets large and small that is highly qualified.