Deciding Factors: How Analytics Can Help With Talent Decision Making

Finding the right fit for on-air talent—whether it be for a new television ad creative or as a replacement host of a hot morning talk show—is a tough job for talent decision makers these days. However, pinpointing the best personality to attract the right audience can drive big results.

Maximize Your TV Advertising Effectiveness

A strong ad that builds emotional and behavioral connections with consumers will not only help drive sales for the brand, but can also drive long-term brand loyalty and equity down the road.

Canadian Trust in Digital Advertising Still Has a Long Way to Go

It’s somewhat natural for consumers to be skeptical about advertising, but when it comes to paid advertising across traditional and digital media, Canadians have a higher level of distrust than their U.S. counterparts. In fact, Canadian online respondents in Nielsen’s most recent Global Trust...

Case Study: Local Broadcast Campaign Drives Auto Engagement

To gauge effectiveness, Utah’s Ken Garff Auto Group used Nielsen Campaign Effect to measure whether car buyers and leasers who tuned in to one of its ads on TV or the radio were more engaged than consumers who had not heard or seen the ad.

Case Study: Using Sex to Sell

While we can’t infer industry-wide implications on the effectiveness of sex appeal in advertising, Carl’s Jr’s data provides valuable insights into how components of a creative can resonate with different consumer groups in different ways.