Online Media in Japan Today

Online Media in Japan Today

In the ever-changing market environment, online content and communications platforms play an increasingly significant role. Yet, the reality is, Internet use is unique based on the viewpoint of every user, depending on his/her demographic and psychographic attributes, lifestyles and online literacy. That is why the word “Internet” can mean different things to different people, because each user accesses the Internet for different purposes, seeking information and images that reflect who and what he/she is. The lesson for us is: the “Internet” as a medium is becoming more and more complex and thus difficult to fathom.

This report seeks to describe today’s Japanese online consumer from two distinct perspectives:

WHO and WHERE: What kinds of consumers are found where? How and why do consumers connect to the internet, and where does growth potential exist?

WHAT: What is happening on the Internet now? How have smartphones changed behavior online? What are the latest trends in online video, entertainment and e-commerce?


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Online Media in Japan Today

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