A Gateway to a Better Life

A Gateway to a Better Life

The road to better jobs, more money and improved lifestyles is paved by education. More than three-quarters of global online respondents agree that receiving a higher education, such as college, is important and three-fourths believe educational opportunities can lead to better employment and higher income.

“Investing in education is critical to fostering growth and innovation for generations to come,” said Susan Whiting, vice chair at Nielsen. “The head-spinning pace of technological change is creating new opportunities—and presenting new challenges. Improving our children’s education is the surest way to ensure a brighter future.”

The vast majority of respondents said they value education, and Latin Americans were among the most ardent supporters. More than 90 percent of respondents in Brazil (94%), Mexico (92%), Chile (92%) and Venezuela (91%) said they believe that higher education was vital. Only one-quarter (23%) of global respondents believe that finishing secondary education was good enough.


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A Gateway to a Better Life

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