Consumer Confidence: Concerns and Spending Intentions Around the World

Consumer Confidence: Concerns and Spending Intentions Around the World

Global consumer confidence measured an index level of 94 in Q3 2013, flat from Q2, but sentiment brightened notably in the U.S. and Europe. While unchanged from Q2, the global index level was up two points from 3Q 2012. In the latest round of the survey, consumer confidence increased in more than half (57%) of the markets Nielsen measures, compared with less than half (45%) in the previous quarter.

Confidence in the U.S. jumped eight points to an index of 98 from the same period 12 months ago, while sentiment in Europe rose three points to 74, according to Nielsen’s latest Global Survey of Consumer Confidence. Consumer confidence in the U.S. was the highest it’s been in six years (since Q3 2007) and neared pre-recession levels, and the rise in Europe was the biggest quarter-on-quarter increase since Q1 2010—it was also an improvement from three consecutive quarters where confidence was fixed at 71.

60 Countries – Three-Month Trend

In key Western European countries, sentiment in Germany increased six index points year-on-year to 92; France increased eight points to 61 from 53 in Q2 2013; and the U.K. reported an index of 87, the highest score since Q3 2007, up 10 points from Q3 2012. Even though confidence in Indonesia declined four index points to 120, the region reported the highest consumer confidence index for the third consecutive quarter. Seven of 10 countries reporting the highest index scores declined in the third quarter; six hailed from Asia-Pacific. Hungary reported the lowest index of 45, but posted a four-point increase from Q2. Portugal reported the biggest quarter-on-quarter index increase of 22 points for a score of 55.


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Consumer Confidence: Concerns and Spending Intentions Around the World

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