The State of Digital Brand Advertising

Digital advertising continues to grow as marketers follow fragmenting audiences across screens. Within the digital medium, which has traditionally been dominated by direct response advertising, brand marketing growth is now outpacing direct response.

Young Adult Adaptation Fanship

Recently, movies based on young adult books have emerged as the newest genre in which content creators are investing. To take advantage of this trend, it is important to have a clear view of what is driving moviegoers towards this genre and the implications for the coming years.

The Total Audience Report

Viewers have immense control over the choices they have amid the evolving ecosystem of devices and platforms for content discovery. In fact, they’ve never had more control than they do today. And as a result, we see a resounding growth in content consumption on digital platforms.

Listen Up: Asian-American Consumers and Music

The Asian-American community is one of the most diverse communities in the U.S. encompassing numerous languages, lands of origin, and some of the country’s most recent immigrants. And music has proved important to Asian-Americans, creating a bond with each other, their culture, and the broader...