The Beverage Alcohol Media Report

This report looks at the media consumption habits of U.S. consumers of legal drinking age. It provides three different perspectives: digital best practices; audience media consumption; and the “best of the best.”

Case Study: Building Brand Lift From the Ground Up

To execute a recent native ad campaign, Pergo teamed up with TripleLift to communicate its brand message by integrating their advertising content within a site’s endemic experience. Together, they turned to Nielsen to further the impact of their efforts against the primary marketing...

Design Audit Report: Wine

Package design has enormous influence over consumers at the critical decision-making moment. In fact, 64% of consumers try a new product simply because the package catches their eye. And catching consumers’ eyes is particularly important for wine.

The Comparable Metrics Report: Q2 2015

The goal of the Comparable Metrics Report is to eliminate the confusion around the definitions and terms across media and provide clarity in the form of apples-to-apples metrics regarding media consumption.

Millennials in 2015: Insurance Deep Dive

Not all Millennials act and feel the same when it comes to insurance. And to that end, Upscale Millennials represent a bigger opportunity within the insurance realm than the generation as a whole.

Global Generational Lifestyles

Depending on our age, our approach to something as simple as getting up-to-date news or eating out can be drastically different. But today’s consumers are bucking yesterday’s preconceived generational notions.

Q3 2015 Consumer Confidence Report

Global consumer confidence increased three index points in the third quarter to 99, the highest level since 2006, and optimistic sentiment for job prospects, personal finances and spending intentions increased in nearly half of all measured markets.

Trendsetting Shoppers - Puerto Rico | Nielsen Local

Who are the shoppers that determine the next big trend in retail? Finding and engaging the earlier adopters of new products can be the key to a successful product launch. Not only do those consumers buy the products for themselves but many others look to them as trusted advisors on their purchases....