2016 AutoTECHCAST Report Lite

2016 AutoTECHCAST Report Lite

Automotive manufacturers and suppliers need to innovate and differentiate to capture new business and build brand equity. Selecting and integrating the right advanced technologies—ones that drive business performance, product differentiation and customer loyalty—is essential. Nielsen’s AutoTECHCAST study is designed to provide these insights directly from today’s automotive consumers.

Nielsen annually conducts AutoTECHCAST, a syndicated study of consumer demand for advanced features and technology. This study measures 44 different automotive technologies amongst 13 technology categories and also includes a deep dive into consumer views on the connected car.

This year’s AutoTECHCAST study found that many Americans are actually in the dark about many of the advancements now available in new automobiles. The study found that the average base familiarity with 44 auto technologies was low at 25%, highlighting a notable opportunity for automakers. Despite the lackluster overall awareness score, Americans are much more dialed in to technology that pertains to safety and connectivity.

Safety First

Despite the growing allure of topics like connectivity and autonomous cars, consumers are most interested in technology geared toward safety. As a category, safety ranks highest among the five categories in Nielsen’s AutoTECHCAST survey. With an average interest index of 41.3, safety ranks more than a full point above connectivity, which comes in at No. 2 with an average interest score of 40.6.


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2016 AutoTECHCAST Report Lite

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