Moving On Up

This study identifies the attributes consumers are looking for in premium product offerings, and reveals the underlying sentiment behind the reasons for purchase. We explore what “premium” means to consumers, and we identify the categories for which they’re most willing to pay a higher price.

The Pricing Conundrum

CPG companies are looking for growth. But high growth in developing markets is no longer making up for slow growth in developed markets. In such an environment, it’s tempting to consider lowering your prices. So should you?

Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings U.S. Benchmarks and Findings Through Q2 2016

In the age of digital advertising measurement, the key indicators of a successful campaign include reach and on-target percentage. Leveraging our sample of historic campaigns, the Digital Ad Ratings Benchmarks and Findings Report serves as guidance for individual campaign efficiency compared to...

Audio Today: A Focus on Network Radio

In this final report of the year we turn our focus to network radio; the large catalog of national content available each week from dozens of radio networks and syndicators.

Cultivating the Green, High-Tech Consumer

In 2006, only 30,000 U.S. homes had solar panels, but growth has been substantial over the last 10 years. It is expected that more than 1 million U.S homes will be equipped with solar panels by the end of 2016. Are you taking the right measures to capture this growth opportunity?

Building Your E-Commerce Measurement Playbook

To make smart decisions about your brand, you need data—the right data. How you collect this data and how you analyze it are key components of how well informed you and your colleagues will be as you guide your brands into the future.

Media Habits Of The Hispanic Millennial Voter

Since the last presidential election Hispanic Millennial Voters have grown by nearly 2 million and make up a large proportion (40%) of the 19 million registered Latino voters. Finding ways to join the digital and traditional components of each medium will help in producing optimal results to reach...