The Beverage Alcohol Media Report: Q1 2016

The Beverage Alcohol Media Report: Q1 2016

The Super Bowl, is one of the biggest events of the first-quarter of every year. It’s an especially big event for parties and beverage alcohol (Bev Al) companies. And perceptions and participation around the game continue to evolve and influence how consumers and sponsors treat this event.

With the Super Bowl not too far in our rearview mirror and the start of a new football season about to kick off, this report examines consumer and sponsor engagement with the big game. We offer thoughts around:

  • Is the Super Bowl more than just beer?
  • The women fan base – Are they driving change?
  • Super Bowl commercials – Just how important are they?

Beyond the big game, we also highlight the top Bev Al television ads from first-quarter 2016 and provide an updated look on how LDA consumers are engaging with media content that has a specific focus on generation and ethnicity.

How Super Bowl Viewers Affect Bev Al Consumption

According to Nielsen Media Research, the Super Bowl attracted significantly more female viewers over the past five seasons than regular NFL season games. In fact, women now make up about 47% of the people who watch the Super Bowl, versus about 34% during the regular season.


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The Beverage Alcohol Media Report: Q1 2016

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