The Beverage Alcohol Media Report: Q2 2017

The Beverage Alcohol Media Report: Q2 2017

For craft breweries of all stripes, digital advertising is an increasingly important tool to engage with consumers and combat slow growth. In fact, craft digital advertising spend now accounts for 12.5% of total beer digital spend, and brands of all sizes are testing the digital waters. In the following pages we take a look at digital videos and campaigns for several different types of breweries—those with national, regional and local distribution—to better understand the impact of digital advertising in the craft beer space.

In addition to this deep dive into the craft space, the report details the top resonating beer, spirits, wine, flavored malt beverage & cider television ads for the second quarter of 2017—including a three-way tie for beer. As in previous reports, we also detail media behaviors and media consumption by legal drinking age consumer groups—age, generations, race/ ethnicity—across TV, online and mobile. And finally, this quarter’s report includes a more granular breakdown of Beverage Alcohol industry media spend by industry sub-category and channel.

Best Digital Ad Practices

So how can craft brands best capitalize on digital advertising? Ensuring that video materials and campaigns clearly communicate the message of the brand as well as the broader brewery is key. Is your ad meant to be humorous and clever or are you aiming for originality and education? A digital advertising campaign can benefit from these four best practices.



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The Beverage Alcohol Media Report: Q2 2017

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