From Consumers to Creators

From Consumers to Creators


African American consumers no longer see their virtual actions as distinct from “in real life behavior,” which has empowered their adoption of digital platforms to affect real-world change. While Black consumers are still voracious consumers of digital content, this influential demographic has increasingly leveraged the democratization of digital platforms to become prosperous content creators. Thus, African Americans are no longer content being thought of simply as voracious consumers; they want to be known for the influence they’ve always possessed, as the creators they’ve always been.

The report shows how brands, companies and advertisers can make connections with Black consumers, who show an affinity for all things digital. Additionally, in a slight detour from past reports, we have expanded the report to include resources on how to find the influencers and professionals who can keep brands relevant with this increasingly tech-savvy group.


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From Consumers to Creators

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