How to Drive Sales When Segment Growth Slows
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How to Drive Sales When Segment Growth Slows

Over the years, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies have kept up with evolving shopper tastes and preferences by introducing new and enhanced products to the shelf. And while innovation is usually a good thing, churning out an array of new products that all offer the same benefit can lead to saturation within the category. It’s scenarios like these that contribute to an increased number of items on the shelf and erode a company’s pricing power and promotional efficiency.

In the craft beer category, for example, sales growth has slowed over the last five years, contrasting earlier periods of explosive growth. In this white paper, we’ll examine how a more efficient approach to price and promotion—a universal discipline that’s critical across all FMCG categories—could benefit craft beer.


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How to Drive Sales When Segment Growth Slows

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