Nielsen Quick Screen: Claims Testing in Beauty

Nielsen Quick Screen: Claims Testing in Beauty

More than nearly any other fast-moving consumer goods sector, the beauty industry is guided by trends. And today, a consumer shift toward natural products is redefining the beauty industry. In 2017, products in the U.S. personal care market featuring natural claims generated $1.3 billion in annual sales, representing 9% growth from the previous year.

Some trends, like avocado and charcoal, started small and grew into something more mainstream. But if you’re looking to spot the next big trendy ingredient claim, you’ll need a scientific approach to land on something with true staying power.

We know that transparency and clean label are budding trends across the consumer product landscape, but we wanted to get some granular insight into which attributes and claims are driving the most consumer engagement in the beauty aisle. So we took our curiosity to the skin care aisle, focusing on face wash, a sizable category where trends start.