Total Consumer Report: June 2018

Total Consumer Report: June 2018

Across the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brick-and-mortar landscape, fresh categories have driven nearly 49% of all dollar growth this year. Analyzing a unified view of the food space provides flavor and ingredient inspiration, the ability to realize product synergies across departments and even leaves room for innovation and cross-promotional opportunities between food and non-food categories across the store.


Center-of-store packaged foods have grown, but relative to overall size, fresh foods have thrived this year.

In the last year, center of store edibles have contributed to our top line, seeing dollar growth of $2.9 billion. But center-of-store-categories throughout frozen, dairy and grocery aisles account for nearly 2X the dollars spent across all fresh departments. So, relative to their overall size, fresh categories are driving outsized growth. With added visibility from Nielsen’s Total Food View, retailers can unlock and analyze the true potential across bakery, deli, produce, seafood and meat departments.

Knowing what’s driving fresh food growth can inspire and reinvigorate packaged foods. Conversely, knowing where demand is shifting to frozen, dairy or packaged grocery categories can help you differentiate, and therefore, minimize cannibalization of sales from fresh foods. That doesn’t even begin to touch on the opportunities for fresh foods to influence the non-food sector. With an all-encompassing perspective, the sum of 1+1 can equal to more than just 2.


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Total Consumer Report: June 2018

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