Understanding Your Competitive CPG Landscape

Retail sales data and competitive data helps you form a complete picture of the best market for your product so you can operate more effectively. In today’s crowded CPG market that’s never been more critical. Find out how to use the right market data to understand your competitive CPG landscape...

How Multi-Touch Attribution Helps Brands Master the Multiverse

The aim of the game for 2019 for marketers is to keep moving. To keep pace with consumers, marketers must continually test new marketing channels and tactics to supplement and evolve their acquisition strategies. But they also need to prove the impact of these investments on sales, revenue and...

Preparing for Board or Investor Meetings with Data

From new product investment to increasing ROI or distribution, there are some common agenda items that small to mid-sized CPG manufacturers need to prepare for—and to do that they need data. Here’s how to ready your business for your next board or investor meeting.